Toronto Maple Leafs Road Trip: Vancouver Canucks

Like a lot of Vancouverites, I wasn’t born here. But after leaving Ontario over a decade ago, I fell in love with this city. I’ve almost totally integrated into the West Coast lifestyle, with its outwear-wear fashions and mountain and ocean-based recreation. In most ways, I think of Vancouver as home now. But one thing … More Toronto Maple Leafs Road Trip: Vancouver Canucks

A Shore Thing: Falling in Love with Vancouver Again

I didn’t even visit Vancouver before moving here: the lure of being close to the Pacific Ocean and the vast coastal rainforests was enough to make me commit to the city sight unseen. After growing up in the Greater Toronto Area, I was ready to swap snowy winters, humid summers, flat landscapes and crazy traffic … More A Shore Thing: Falling in Love with Vancouver Again

After Hours at Vancouver Aquarium

Need some time away from the kids or just enjoy going to events where children won’t be around, the Vancouver Aquarium hosts an adults-only night After Hours event three times of year! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the Aquarium and treat yourself. Normally, you can’t purchase alcohol at the Aquarium but they make an exception for this event. It’s a nice treat to indulge when you would normally … More After Hours at Vancouver Aquarium

Celebrating my champagne birthday

Having a birthday that falls between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be frustrating and I’m sure those who have a similar birthday can agree. During the holiday period a lot of people have a jammed packed schedule, or are away travelling so planning something with friends can be difficult. However, this year I was determined to celebrate my birthday on my birthday. I was turning 29 … More Celebrating my champagne birthday