Nine Mile Point Camping – Sechelt Inlet

Sechlet Inlet Kayaking

Sechelt inlet camping map
Various campgrounds available, map courtesy of Peddles & Paddles (

One of my favourite things to do is to get out into nature, whether it’s going for a hike or escaping for a long weekend away. My friends and I were looking for something not far away from Vancouver, but our destination had to be isolated and quiet. We decided Sechelt Inlet would be our destination. After narrowing down our options, we decided on Mount Richardson Provincial Park. My friend recommended it as you can’t reach the site by car, there would be lovely sunsets and it’s usually one of the quieter sites. After the ferry ride and drive, we arrived at Peddles & Paddles where we picked up our kayak rental and got ready.

Afer loading everything in, we were on the water, paddling North to our home for the weekend. After exploring the grounds we discovered we were the only ones there, lucky! We had a large site, water view and it was isolated.

The next morning, a hike was on the agenda. We started following the trail that had us hiking uphill. The trail got thinner and thinner until we reached bushes surrounding us. We weren’t sure what to do when we got stuck but pushed on a couple of more feet and stumbled upon a logging road. On our hike we found evidence of bears, watched tadpoles swim, soaked in the wonderful views. After much exploring, it was a hard decision to head back and make lunch.

Spending the weekend outdoors, cooking and spending quality time with friends was what we all needed. On our last night, other kayakers joined us at the campsite. Later on, we all contributed sharing a fire, pasta, salmon, chicken, garlic mushroom, s’mores and whiskey while getting to know each other as the sun went down. Normally, the people you meet on these trips you easily connect with as you share the common interest of camping and the outdoors.

Camp firesechelt-0101camping-0075camping-0053

Nine Mile Point was a great campsite to spend a weekend at, as you can easily make it your base and do day trips exploring the inlet.  The wilderness campsite is also free,  offers an outhouse but no showers. It is advisable you bring your own water or boil the water that is available. A tip – if you arrive early, take the north side of the campsite, you have to cross a log if you need the outhouse, which can be slippery but it offers more privacy. Nine Mile Point in Sechelt Inlet was a great place to relax for a weekend away. There are some hikes that would benefit from a GPS and bear spray that are worth doing.

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