Walking along the Edge – CN Tower

WanderlustMegan EdgeWalk

I love trying new things, especially if the attraction is unique or a ‘one of’. While in Toronto, I decided to jump in and try out the CN Tower EdgeWalk.

I didn’t expect the Edge Walk to be scary, I thought it would be easy and I was pretty confident until we stepped outside to the platform. My mind was wrestling, thinking, “I know this is safe, multiple attachment points, gear rated far beyond we need” and “this isn’t natural, I shouldn’t be up here, I don’t want to fall.” However, I pushed myself to continue once the nerves kicked in. I loved the experience and the views.

The EdgeWalk takes place outside the CN Tower, 1,168 feet in the air. It now holds the record of the highest external walk on a building. There are no rails, only the harness that keeps you from falling. I was really impressed with the safety aspect. Before you head outside, you take part in a thirty minute prep in their “Base Camp”. After a breathalyzer, explosives and metal screening, pat down, rules and changing into suits and harness, we were ready to head up after they checked us multiple times.

Our group of six and our guide Margo, who was amazing, headed up to the top where we were connected in two parts and everything was double checked including zip ties being applied to the carabiners.  Our adventure was about to begin as we headed outside and got our first glimpse of the curvature of the earth and what we were getting ourselves into.

We were able to experience three different activities a couple of times. Our first was “Toes over Toronto” which is the warm up. My stomach was in knots as I walked closer and closer to the Edge, toes tangling over. The next was backing your heals off the edge and leaning back. Overall this one was pretty good until the last time I got freaked out when my harness slightly moved. The third and last one was leaning out, face first towards Toronto with your weight supported on the lines, the Superman pose. I got more and more comfortable as we went on and started to trust the gear however I did get nervous at points looking down.

Our guide, Margo was wonderful and had a great balance of being able to push you but make you feel comfortable at the same time. By the time we reached the end, I wanted to do another lap around.

Below is a slightly edited video of some of our experiences:

The Edge Walk is expensive but I felt it was worth it for the experience. Included in the $175.00 is a video and two photos, certificate of achievement and re-entry to CN Tower (including Skypod, rides and the glass floor). I’m glad I went and it made me realize I have a slight fear of heights. However, I enjoyed the rush of pushing myself through the fear.

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