Walking along the Edge – CN Tower

I love trying new things, especially if the attraction is unique or a ‘one of’. While in Toronto, I decided to jump in and try out the CN Tower EdgeWalk. I didn’t expect the Edge Walk to be scary, I thought it would be easy and I was pretty confident until we stepped outside to … More Walking along the Edge – CN Tower

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey has been a part of my life since I was a child. I have fond memories of Saturday night, making a Lego scoreboard and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs play. I started playing hockey at a young age, every position from goalie to center. Travelling on the weekend and playing hockey in different cities across … More Hockey Hall of Fame

Hamilton Road Trip

I didn’t know a lot about Hamilton until a road trip in May. Growing up, Hamilton was a destination for Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt’s and it was one of the many cities in Southern Ontario that we would play hockey in. It was time to explore Hamilton and the best way to do that was to … More Hamilton Road Trip

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum: Flying in a Dakota

My journey began on the tarmac outside of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. I was aboard a Douglas DC-3 Dakota, and the smell of oil and the rumbling of the airplane engine were constant. Volunteers, the people on my Hamilton trip and I settled in for take off, seat belts were fastened and the no smoking … More Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum: Flying in a Dakota