Hello and welcome to my online home. I’m Megan Kennedy,  a thirty-year-old female making my home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I’m a city girl who loves pushing my own boundaries. I’m passionate about exploring my city, province and the world around me.

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I have a day job in Vancouver and as tempted as I am to take off and explore the world, my heart belongs here. With so much to discover in the area, I’m not missing out. I grew up in the suburbs of Ontario and decided to move out west to Vancouver in 2005, after studying in Toronto. I fell in love with the West Coast, it’s my home and one of my loves. One of the things I love about living here is how close I am to the mountains and ocean, those are places that recharge me.

In my personal life, I consume books, enjoying walking around and seeing what I can discover, kayaking, a glass of scotch and spending time with friends.  I’m also obsessed with travel. I’m always planning trips to multiple destinations, reading travel blogs and planning my next trip.

I started this blog to share parts of my hometown and travels, develop my photography and have an outlet for my wanderlust nature. If you would like to contact me –  Twitter, or Instagram.


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