Trailer: Tales From Pacific Rim National Park

I’m back after completing my first solo camping journey. It was a consuming, recharging trip to Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia. The raw beauty of this place takes you in and pulling away from its grip and heading home was difficult. An unforgettable experience.

I wanted to do something fun and made a trailer of my time there.

I’ll be sharing more posts, videos and photos shortly. Unfortunately, my computer died the night before the trip and a new one is being built for me. I can’t wait to share my experience. Have you been to Pacific Rim National Park? If you have, did you fall for it?

4 thoughts on “Trailer: Tales From Pacific Rim National Park

  1. Ha! Great video! Love the inspiring music and cool graphics…have no idea how you did that. I’m inspired. I don’t know what to do but I’m inspired.
    Great job,
    Frank (bbqboy)
    Ps. Maybe you can do a post on doing great video? I certainly need the tips.

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