A night at the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Game

True or False: A baseball game that is tied after three extra innings is decided by a coin toss.

The answer is false, however that didn’t stop a fellow YVR Blogger trying to trick me at the Vancouver Canadians baseball game a couple of days ago. It goes to show that I know nothing about baseball. I haven’t been to a baseball game since I was a child in Toronto and the extent of my knowledge is from the Take Me Out to the Ball Game song, “For its one, two, three strikes, you’re out, at the old ball game.”

When the opportunity came up to check out a Vancouver Canadians game, I jumped in. A fun night out with a bunch of bloggers, an outdoor stadium and a chance to cheer on the local team, why not! I had never been to a Canadians game and I love discovering new things to do in Vancouver.


We got to meet our fellow bloggers before the game and catch up outside of the stadium before grabbing our tickets and arriving at the stadium as the Canadian national anthem was being sung. There is something about hearing Oh Canada that brings a smile to my face. After the anthem, we quickly grabbed our reserved grandstand seats. Our seats were slightly right of home plate. We were ready to watch the Canadians face off against the Eugene Emeralds.

Adelina from Pack Me To was sitting next to me and as the game began, we started piecing together the rules from others and taking some guesses at why certain things were happening. I think Ricky and Tobin might have been getting tired of all the questions, but they were great about explaining things to us. The first and last innings were the most fun as we focused and were cheering on the home team. If you aren’t super passionate about baseball, make sure to go with a great group of people as it makes the quieter periods more exciting and it’s always fun to cheer with others.


The Canadians do a great job of keeping the crowd energized and entertained. From sushi races, sand rakers dancing to Cotton Eye Joe, the Chicken Dance and Canadians carts driving on the field, they kept the crowd engaged. There was the 7th inning stretch, with everyone stretching while singing, Take Me Out to the Ball Game. My only complaint was that we should have done another round! Once is not long enough!

Dancing to Cotton Eye Joe

During one of the slower innings, I decided to take a walk around and explore the historical Nat Bailey Stadium, which locals refer to as, “The Nat”. On the far end of the stadium, I discovered the Bud Kerr Baseball Museum, where you can learn more about the history of the team.

I feel that you can’t go to a baseball game without having some of the classic food. Before I headed back, I picked up a hot dog, but you can choose from sushi, nachos, snow cones, pretzels and the favourite drink of many, beer.

As the game went on the crowd got louder and rowdier as the alcohol started to take effect. The Canadians played hard and in the 8th inning scored five runs! It was exciting and seeing the Canadians take the lead provided the night with a perfect ending. A game when the home team wins is a good game!

Overall, it was a fun time with a great group of bloggers. I would definitely check out a game or two a season. If you are a fan of baseball, I’m sure you will love it. The Canadians are a farm team for the Toronto Blue Jays. Even if you are not overly interested in baseball you would enjoy coming out for a game with a great group of friends. It makes for a fun night and I found, watching the game in person far surpasses watching a game on TV.

For some video highlights, you can check out the video below:


Have you watched a baseball game live? If not, would you?

*My ticket was compliment thanks to YVR Bloggers and the Canadians. However, it’s an affordable night with seats starting at $12.50.*

12 thoughts on “A night at the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Game

  1. should have told me…would have loved to check out stadium and team…next time text dad for rules of extra innings or any other sport event..nice blog

  2. I love watching baseball games live, but mostly for the warm weather drinking aspect of it all. (I find the sport rather boring, otherwise.)

  3. I hate baseball. It seems like a very long, drawn out, pointless sport to me. I have even tried to just enjoy it as a place to have some drinks, but I keep thinking I’m going to get beaned in the head with the baseball (with my luck it could happen). It is just never a relaxing time for me. 😦

    1. If you are worried about getting hit, some stadium have sections where you are safe. We were sitting just off to the right of the plate and there was a big net to protect us!

      I’m not a fan of watching it on TV but was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Maybe a safe seat, great friends and some drinks will help you relax? 🙂

  4. Affordable sport outings are rare when you only consider the premier leagues. Farm teams are still highly skilled professionals that put on a great show. Nice post!

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