Kayaking Vancouver with Lotus Land Tours

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.” As the rain poured down on us, this famous saying resonated with me.  I could see the sunshine far off in a distance and it was moving closer to us. Thankfully, I was prepared for the rainy weather in my Gore-Tex rain jacket and borrowed rain pants and hat from my guide.

Indian Arm Kayaking

Kayaking Vancouver

On Father’s Day weekend, kayaking, Indian Arm in British Columbia was on my agenda. As I got ready at home, my excitement was building and I couldn’t wait to explore. I usually go kayaking with my experienced friend, however this weekend, I decided to try something new and go with Lotus Land Tours. It’s a decision that I wouldn’t regret.

I was picked up from my house before we headed downtown to pick up the other participants. We crossed over the Lions Gate Bridge into North Vancouver, admiring the views of the water and forest as we drove. As we drove on the narrow roads, we even spotted a waterfall. Our guide, Peter, explained to us the history of the area and the unique community of Woodlands. Previously, it was only accessible by boat, but with the locals constantly petitioning the government, a road was finally built to their community. It’s a small community, but a place that I would love to live in during the summer months, close enough to Vancouver for convenience but it feels like you are miles away.

After we parked at the dock, we pulled off and carried down the kayaks. We were able to skip the kayaking lessons as all the guests have been kayaking before. If you haven’t been, don’t be intimidated. Peter’s instructions make kayaking easy to learn and the kayaks that he uses are extremely comfortable and stable. The kayaks are open and you have more room in them then the fiberglass kayaks models, no dry skirt is needed. The kayak model (Folbot) made for a comfortable trip and is better suited to those paddlers that might feel claustrophobic or need more room.


Since Indian Arm is a salt water fjord, you are surrounded by steep granite cliffs and forest as you paddle. There are some homes located along the Arm; they range from cozy cottage-like homes, mini mansions to abandoned cottages. There is something about being surrounded by trees, and being on the water that makes me feel at peace. During the trip, we were on the lookout for wildlife and even though we didn’t spot bears, we came across seals relaxing on logs, starfish and jellyfish. I was happy to learn that seals are numerous there, so your chances are good of spotting them! Peter would took the time to explain to us what we encountered. The day we were out, red tide was running. This is a phenomenon where large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms bloom, giving the water a red/brown tint. This was a new experience for me.

After working up an appetite, we landed on the Twin Islands. The rain was pouring down as we carried the supplies to a clearing. Peter quickly rigged a tarp and we were handed some warm, apple cider. After getting a bit damp from the rain, this was exactly what I needed as we chatted and enjoyed some crackers and fresh homemade salsa. Once we dried out and warmed up,  we enjoyed potato salad with salmon and corn on the cob hot from the BBQ. Peter told us everything was homemade — even the mayonnaise — and it was all delicious. This was easily one of the top BBQs I’ve had! The rain could not put a damper on this experience: being on this small island, eating delicious food and enjoying interesting conversation. If the weather had been sunny and dry, we would have explored the Twin Islands, but after hanging out under the tarp, enjoying strawberries and whip cream, we were ready to set out again. After exploring the coastline on the journey back, we returned to the dock. The day was enjoyable and sped by too fast.

I created a video of my trip, click play to see a quick recap of our trip:

Lotus Land’s slogan is “Wilderness Adventures for Softies.” You don’t need to be an outdoors person or — even have kayaked before — to have a great time on this tour. The route isn’t strenuous and the water in Indian Arm is usually calm. If you are looking for a stress-free Vancouver kayaking tour, check out Lotus Land Tours. I was well taken care of during my trip and if you love the outdoors, you’ll love this tour.

My trip with Lotus Land was complimentary however all my opinions are my own. I would send my family and friends on this tour when I’m stuck at work and they are in Vancouver visiting.

21 thoughts on “Kayaking Vancouver with Lotus Land Tours

  1. An excellent blog. I’ve been on this kayaking trip with Peter a couple of years ago and the photos and video brought back all those great memories. I highly recommend this tour. I had never been on a kayak before and I was so well taken care of by Peter and had such a lot of fun.
    Well done, Megan. Excellent photos/video and writing too!

  2. Great article. Especially loved the video because you can see how peaceful it was out there when you are out on the water. I’m fairly new to kayaking and have only kayaked in a double kayak with my husband. I’m not a strong swimmer so I wonder how deep the water is there and if they have 2 seater kayaks?

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure how deep it is but you have a life jacket on, the guide there to help you as well as the kayaks he uses are stable. They do have two seater ones, which is nice as you can take a break, if needed. The water is calm and we were never in danger of tipping over.

  3. Wow I dream of peaceful places like these. Always been a bit afraid of the whole kayak – legs stuck in the boat thing, but you made it look so peaceful and inviting!

    1. I think you would like the open kayak that I went on here better than the conventional ones. This one had more leg room and easier to get in and out of. I highly recommend giving it a try. Plus, being out on the water is really peaceful.

  4. I went kayaking for the first time last summer and would hugely encourage others to try it – it’s easy and fun for even the most chicken of beginners!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun–gorgeous area, too! Glad you still enjoyed it even with the rain. The BBQ does sound pretty tasty!

  6. Awesome video Megan! I would love to go on one of their tours. I visit the Vancouver area often but have yet to explore its coast line other than a cruise ship I headed to Alaska on. It looks like a great time to get up close to this piece of BC.

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