Celebrating my champagne birthday

Having a birthday that falls between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be frustrating and I’m sure those who have a similar birthday can agree. During the holiday period a lot of people have a jammed packed schedule, or are away travelling so planning something with friends can be difficult. However, this year I was determined to celebrate my birthday on my birthday. I was turning 29 on the 29th and wanted the day to be special.  When your birthday falls on the age you are turning, it is called a champagne, lucky or golden birthday. My birthday fell on a Sunday, which meant the day was mine to do what I wanted with it. I debated about what to do, I wanted to do something special and one of the options would have been a road trip to Pacific Rim National Park but I stayed local and enjoyed one of my favourite things to do in Vancouver, kayaking with my friend! Below is some of my footage from my time on the water ->

Being on the water makes me happy, there is something about paddling that can bring you so much joy. It was a bit chilly so we bundled up and were fine! You can’t let a bit of drizzle and cooler temperatures keep you inside.

To make the day a bit more www.healthcarewell.com/online-pharmacy/ special, I picked up the Avocado Key Lime Pie from the Pie Hole. I was really happy with it. The pie was delicious, vegan and something different. If you are looking for a yummy pie and are in Vancouver, look Pie Hole up. I brought the pie down to English Bay for a pre-paddling snack and it hit the spot perfectly. The pie left us feeling satisfied, but not stuffed with no carb crash afterwards. After we were done eating, we headed out and my friend surprised me with a bottle of champagne. We toasted to a great day and to an exciting year ahead. The champagne was a luxurious treat, and helped to make this birthday a memorable event for me. The smooth taste and bubbles had me bouncing all the way home.

Before the day was over, I enjoyed conversations with family back East, and talking with friends. I received some very caring and sweet gifts to help me with my goals. The evening ended with Indian food and a movie as I was exhausted after kayaking. I’m looking forward to enjoying my last year in my twenties and seeing what the year brings. I’m already planning some adventures including celebrating my next birthday in a foreign country. My lips are sealed  until the details are finalized.

I hope everyone has wonderful 2014! What has been your favourite birthday so far?



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