Celebrating my champagne birthday

Having a birthday that falls between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be frustrating and I’m sure those who have a similar birthday can agree. During the holiday period a lot of people have a jammed packed schedule, or are away travelling so planning something with friends can be difficult. However, this year I was determined to celebrate my birthday on my birthday. I was turning 29 … More Celebrating my champagne birthday

Photo Post: HMCS Algonquin

HMCS Algonquin and HMCS Victoria were recently in Vancouver, BC. and free tours were open to the public on the Algonquin. The destroyer has been in the Canadian Forces since 1972. I’m glad I went for the tour as I probably won’t have the chance to tour it again. Go if you have the chance!

Remembrance Day – Generation to Generation – Lighting of the Cauldron

Remembrance Day was yesterday and it started off in Vancouver with a brief ceremony at the Jack Poole Plaza by the conference centre. This is their 3rd year doing this and I hope that they continue doing it. It was small but special. The ceremony started just after 8 am and included a sentries, Vancouver … More Remembrance Day – Generation to Generation – Lighting of the Cauldron