Birthday Kayaking: English Bay and Stanley Park

Kayaking - Eng Bay
Getting ready for take off.

After celebrating my birthday on Saturday, my friend offered to take me kayaking for a post birthday celebration. A sunny day and no rain predicted, we headed down to the English Bay in the early afternoon. He has a couple of kayaks and told me what to do to help us get out on the water quicker. After cleaning them out and rolling them down, we were ready to set off. We were outfitted in warm clothing, kayaking skirts and ready to start.

The water was quiet with only one other kayak out on the water and a few boats. As we were kayaking, we would spot a seal who would watch us for less than a minute before diving back down into the water only to reappear a couple of minutes later. It was shy but curious.

We paddled past English Bay and by Stanley Park. We viewed the damage from the latest storm on the seawall and watched people take advantage of day with no rain. We floated around for a bit, taking a break and soaking in the time on the water. There is something peaceful about being out there, the day-to-day world disappears and your body relaxes and takes in the moment.

We eventually had to start paddling back as we wanted to make sure to arrive back with plenty of time to store the boat and warm up before heading home. We landed on shore, I  went to grab us a warm drink and by the time I got back, it was time to go. As we walked back to the car, warm drinks in hand, the sun was setting. This lovely treat was one of the best ways I could think about starting my first day a year old and bringing on an exciting year to come.

My arms are sore and I know I’ll sleep well tonight.

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