Exploring Vancouver Police Museum

Vancouver Police MuseumIllegal drugs, confiscated weapons, unusual firearms, counterfeit currency, past policing methods, artifacts and vehicles are some of the things you get to see and learn about at the Vancouver Police Museum.

Growing up, I wanted a career as a forensic investigator. I would watch crime shows and try to figure out who the criminal was. Last year, we did an adult forensic class on blood splatter at the museum. I hope they do the classes again because it was fun.

We explored the museum before our, “Sins of the City” walking tour. When I first visited the museum, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it might be boring but they have some interesting exhibits. The morgue old home was here and they still have the room equipped with autopsy tables, slanted with drainage sinks. I was really tempted to ask if I could be on one for a picture but the staff were busy attending to a child’s birthday party.Dental Identification and skull

The old morgue is one of my favourite parts. You can see specimen of lungs, kidneys, hearts and other body parts. Some show what happened to the body part such as violence, cancer and other diseases. You can see the containers of the chemicals they use to use as well as explore the tools they used to figure out how people died. After satisfying my curiosity and exploring, I took a seat on the bench and waited for our tour to start.

It’s not in the best area of town but you should be fine especially in the daytime. I’m more worried about intoxicated people from all walks of society after the bars close then walking around the Downtown Eastside. I would recommend it for people visiting Vancouver, the museum can easily be explored in a hour.

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