Travel Priorities List

After reading Adventurous Kate post, “My problem with bucket lists“, I decided I should post my travel priority list instead of keeping it in my head. There are numerous places that I want to visit however I forced myself to narrow down my list and start saving up. First, I have my trip to Ireland in September. I’m looking forward to flying over the Atlantic and experiencing Ireland.

Here is my list:

  • Polar Bears in Churchill – Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to see polar bears in their natural habitat. I would take the train and stay in the research lodge to make this experience more affordable. I already have a google document with costs and links. Unfortunately, due to the ice melting faster than expected, I worry that these mighty bears won’t survive decades after decades. Besides seeing them in their natural environment, I want to learn more about them and ways we can help them survive.
  • Canadian Rocky Mountains – Even though I live and raised in Canada, I haven’t visited the Rocky Mountains yet. When I moved out to Vancouver, I flew into Kelowna and flew over the Rockies. I’m torn between renting a car, taking the train and jump off or taking the Moose Network.
  • Up Helly Aa – A festival in Shetland Islands which is in the north of Scotland.
    Photo by reynard (flickr)

    I’m part Scottish and even though Scotland in January isn’t the best time to visit. I want to experience this festival. I would probably go with Haggis Adventures and then go off on my own and explore including some whisky distilleries.

  • Fiji – Island hopping, beaches, exploring and relaxing. I need a vacation where I can relax, explore and take some much-needed downtime. It would be interesting to see how long the relaxation last.
  • Whitewater rafting – It doesn’t matter where, I would like to try it. Paddling, experiencing the rapids and hopefully not going overboard.

It was difficult keeping the list short but a more focused approach to my next non-local adventure seems

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