When summer gives you lemons

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Normally on Labour Day Monday, I reflect on the past few months and remember weekends full of camping, sipping beers on the patio, jumping into glacier lakes and delighting in the warmth of sun on my face. This summer, my plans got sidelined. I’d been on the waitlist for surgery that was scheduled to happen in the Fall. But the week before Canada Day, my doctor called to let me know that there was an opening the next day.  As those around me know, I’d been in pain for several months, so I seized the opportunity. I quickly wrapped up my major job duties and went home to prep. It was a whirlwind 20 hours, but I was ready to go under the knife.

My surgery was more involved than initially expected, which meant a longer recovery time. I spent my summer on the couch working my way thru all of Netflix and the Star Wars movies. Once I improved, I would spend a few hours each day on my patio, enjoying the sun and iced peppermint tea. After a few months away from adventures and blogging, I was able to drive to Grouse,  a local mountain, for a few hours of fresh air and gentle exploration. My body and mind craved adventure like a coder craves caffeine.

Despite a write-off summer adventure-wise, I’m thankful to be on the mend. With hockey season approaching, I’ll be on the ice playing and laying plans for next summer. I’ve decided to stay in Canada and suspend any international travel due to further treatment. The last thing I want is to have complications overseas and be stuck with hefty medical bills.

With summer ending in a few weeks, I will fit in one fine adventure: I’m heading up to the Okanagan in late September to tour around wine country, visit some friends and enjoy some time outdoors. I could use your help: I’d love any recommendations you have on Okanagan must-dos. With hundreds of wineries in the valley, it will be hard to narrow it down.

A special thank you to everyone who reached out with wishes and an extra special thank you for everyone who helped, visited or called.

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