Jumping in at Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Lake

Have you ever had the desire to pull your car over and jump into a cold but refreshing body of water? Well, go for it!

I was on my way home from a road trip to Lytton, BC, driving along Hwy #1 when I pulled over on the shoulder of the road. I was hot, sweaty and a bit tired, I needed something refreshing and drinking water wasn’t doing it. I did a Google search and found out that there was a lake only six minutes away just before Hope, BC.  I decided that Lake of the Woods (Schkam Lake) would be my next stop.

As I pulled closer to the lake, cars were parked along the side of the road and the parking lot was full. It was British Columbia Day and the place was packed. As the view of the lake came into view, the colours drew me in, crystal clear blue waters with a hint of green. I climbed down a small, dirt hill to enjoy a spot away from the families enjoying the lake.

I threw my sandals to the side and walked in, the cold water was exhilarating. No bathing suit was available so my shorts and tank top would do. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to cool down!

Lake of the woods, Hope British Columbia
Lake of the Woods in Hope, British Columbia

As I was wading into the water, the cold water was invigorating. The lake water was so clear!  After spending an hour splashing around, I had to push myself to get out of the water and get back on the road. I had a couple more stops planned for the day.

Schkam Lake

Next summer, a day trip is in order to Lake of the Woods, with a couple of friends, and a picnic would be a fun way to spend the day. Next time, I will bring my bathing suit!

7 thoughts on “Jumping in at Lake of the Woods

  1. this lake is labelled in the Fish & Wildlife pamphlets that you pick up to find out about fishing as the best swimming lake in B.C.,,,,,,,,it truly is — I’ve been a sometime summer resident there since 1954 —- learned to swim here & love it dearly.

    All I ask is that those who go to enjoy it, please leave it cleaner & less littered than you found it…..I’ve been cleaning up around that lake for my whole lifetime. It’s better now than it was in the ’80s & 90s…
    so—- love it, enjoy it & preserve it for the next generation.
    the lake & wildlife & I, thank you…

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