Pacific Rim National Park Sunsets

One of the things that I loved about visiting Pacific Rim National Park were the sunsets. The first night I was there, my feet were frozen from walking in the Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t stop walking until the sunshine was gone and the sky was dark. I loved soaking it all in and enjoyed every moment.
Long Beach Sunset

Some sunsets capture your attention more than others, this was one of them. Even after the sun went down the sky had shades of pink, yellows, blues and purples. The sky demanded your attention.

Pacific Rim National Park Sunset

When you are in this part of the world and the only thing in front of you is the Pacific Ocean, sunsets are a highlight of your visit. I loved that the hardest decisions were what beach to enjoy the sunset at and when to leave to start a campfire. During the couple of days I was there, I didn’t get to experience all the beaches but enjoyed:

  • Wickaninnish Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Combers Beach
  • View point at Green Point campground

I couldn’t pick a favourite as each sunset is unique and each beach was different. I would recommend trying all the beaches that you can while you are there and discovering your favourite. I’m thinking a return trip is needed to attempt to figure out mine. I still can’t believe how much I fell in love with Pacific Rim National Park. It’s a gem and a place that you should visit. I want to go back next year!

Pacific Rim National Park Sunset

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