Greater Vancouver Easy Walks – Golden Ears Provincial Park Lower Falls Trail

Lower Falls Trail
One of the look outs along the trail

After having to cancel my Gulf Island kayaking trip due to a car accident, a couple friends and I decided to stay close to Vancouver and head to Golden Ears Provincial Park for a weekend of camping and time outdoors. I craved time away from the city and wanted to be surrounded by nature. Due to the accident, I needed a place close to the city in case I wasn’t feeling well and would have to head home. One of the worst parts of early recovery is you aren’t sure about how you’ll feel as it will vary day to day. However, I knew if the campground was quiet and I could rest when needed, I should be okay.

Due to physical restrictions, I tried to find activities I could do instead of kayaking. I chose to walk on the Golden Ears Provincial Park Lower Falls Trail as it leads to a water fall and is recommend for the sights. The trail is an easy one hour walk each way along a wide, gravel pathway with minimal elevation. I would imagine this trail would be busy on the weekends or in the summer but coming in June, it wasn’t crowded and allowed us quiet time along the path and at the falls.

If you would prefer, you can make this hike into a longer, more difficult walk as there is a connector trail that leads to East Canyon Trail. An overview map of the trails is located on the BC Parks website along with more information about Golden Ears Provincial Park. I’m planning on doing this hike next time I’m there.

The trail takes you along the creek with views of the mountains and water at various points. You’ll see a mixed forest of vine maple and conifers trees. If you are looking for an easy walk close to Vancouver, I would recommend checking it out.

If you can’t make it there in person or want a preview, check out the YouTube video below:


You’ll need a car to get there as it isn’t transit friendly. If you want to stay overnight, there are three provincial car camping campgrounds on site, as well as some backcountry options for those more adventurous.

Tip: Bring your swimsuit for if it’s warm, there is a rocky beach that would be perfect for a quick dip. A safety tip, the water can be cold and fast moving, always be cautious, especially in the spring. If you have any concern, just dip your feet in.

Gold Creek
Lower Falls Trail
Gold Creek Lower Falls Trail

I love activities that almost anyone can do, would you go on this walk? Have you?

15 thoughts on “Greater Vancouver Easy Walks – Golden Ears Provincial Park Lower Falls Trail

  1. Sorry to hear of your accident, I hope the recovery goes well.

    This looks like a wonderful wooded find. I also like your idea of a quick dip on a hot day, you just can’t beat the natural relief nature has to offer.

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident–hope you are doing better! This looks like a great spot to spend the day. We have been wanting to get to Vancouver for quite some time–this will definitely go on the list for when we get there!

  3. Hi, my first time here. Pretty interesting to see this provincial park in Vancouver. Nice photos and I like the scenery views. Probably will add this in my bucket list once we move back to Washington state 😉 when my husband retires from military since Vancouver is close to us but still I need to convince my husband to hike/walk 🙂

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