Video – Flying in a float plane, Salt Spring Air

SaltSpring--0231 A West Coast experience must, I took to the skies and flew in my first float plane to Salt Spring Island via Salt Spring Air. Despite the rain and grey skies on our flight there, my friend and I enjoyed every moment. Luckily, on our flight home, we were welcomed with clear skies and sunshine.

Flying in a float plane is completely different then flying in a regular commercial airliner. There are only 8 seats including the pilot. You board right from the dock with the pilot, and hop on the plane. No security lines, no throwing out your water, no bumping and they provide a free coffee and pastry while we were waiting to board. The plane takes off from the water and flies low enough to give you a view of the water and islands below. I thought the plane ride would be rough and bumpy due to the plane size but I was surprised at how smooth it was even in the rainy weather.

One of the highlights was getting to experience flying in a co-pilot seat. It has been one thing that has been on my to experience list for a while now. If you are taking a float plane, just ask if you can sit in the co-pilot seat. I’m glad I did as sitting in the co-pilot chair was a fun experience, our pilots were great. I got to take in the view, shoot some video and and admire Vancouver as we flew in. I love travelling elsewhere but Vancouver is my home and seeing it from above was great.

Flying with Salt Spring Air was easy, you only need to arrive 20 minutes before. We received great service from leaving our bags while we explored Ganges to the pilot helping us off the plane at the end.  If you are flying on a clear day, the views are breath-taking. My only tip would be to pack light if you are going to be exploring Salt Spring. My luggage only made the requirement home thanks to a friend willing to give me some of her allowance. There are lots of local goodies to buy there. The float plane can be loud but they provide you with protective ear covering to help with the noise, it wasn’t an issue for me once I put on the covers.

Flying is the way to travel. Overall, I enjoy taking the ferry (excluding the line-ups and waits) but taking the float plane was so much better. It’s quick and you can leave and arrive from downtown Vancouver. I’ll be back in the air soon! Salt Spring Air, can I help fly next time?

None My flight was complimentary due to winning the GLOW Salt Spring Island Giveaway by All opinions are my own and I wasn’t ask to write anything about my experience.

4 thoughts on “Video – Flying in a float plane, Salt Spring Air

  1. Takes me back to when I flew to Salt Spring Island for a few days of kayaking! It was my first and only time on a float plane. Hope to go back out that way again so there will be another ride in the float plane in my future! Will have to ask if I can sit up front! Thanks for the tip.

    1. Happy to assist! They are really nice and I can’t see any reason they wouldn’t let you sit upfront (unless someone asked first). It’s a beautiful area to kayak in, hopefully you will be back soon.

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