Road trip tip: cell coverage in the States

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As I prepare for my next road trip to Tofino, I'm reflecting back on a road trip that I took in July, when my father came out to visit. I wish I could spend every weekend going someplace new and travelling but work limits that. After spending time in Vancouver, we booked a rental car and headed into Washington State. After a couple of stops, we were pulling into our Airbnb ready to settle in for a multi-day trip. Road trips hold a special place in my heart, I love the open road, driving on the highway and having the freedom to stop when and where you wish. One problem that I've experienced when crossing the border is my cell phone goes into roaming and the costs are ridiculous. I use to stand in front of a big coffee chain every time I went down, just to check my e-mail or to look up directions. The one time I didn't, I came home to hundreds of dollars on my cell bill. I learned my lesson! This time, I was looking at buying an upgrade plan with my carrier, Bell, however it Continue Reading

Canoeing Alouette Lake in Golden Ears

Alouette Lake Golden Ears Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park Feeling the cold water run through my fingers, I look at the trees poking out from the water. I haven't seen anything like this before as we paddle between the standing dead trees. My eyes dart between the shoreline and into the water where we pass over slow decaying tree stumps. I was enjoying this weekend trip more and more with every paddle stroke. Canoeing Alouette Lake was a day out on the water that I needed and cherished. Kayaking is my boat of choice when heading out on the water but it is always good to mix it up a bit. The benefit with canoeing is that more than two people can fit in a single canoe. If you follow my blog, you might remember that Golden Ears wasn't a planned trip but when I got injured my friends changed their plans so I could get away for the weekend too. Their generosity extended to doing the majority of the paddling when we went canoeing. I did paddle when able, but was allowed to Continue Reading

Greater Vancouver Easy Walks – Golden Ears Provincial Park Lower Falls Trail

Lower Falls Trail

After having to cancel my Gulf Island kayaking trip due to a car accident, a couple friends and I decided to stay close to Vancouver and head to Golden Ears Provincial Park for a weekend of camping and time outdoors. I craved time away from the city and wanted to be surrounded by nature. Due to the accident, I needed a place close to the city in case I wasn't feeling well and would have to head home. One of the worst parts of early recovery is you aren't sure about how you’ll feel as it will vary day to day. However, I knew if the campground was quiet and I could rest when needed, I should be okay. Due to physical restrictions, I tried to find activities I could do instead of kayaking. I chose to walk on the Golden Ears Provincial Park Lower Falls Trail as it leads to a water fall and is recommend for the sights. The trail is an easy one hour walk each way along a wide, gravel pathway with minimal elevation. I would imagine this trail would be busy on the weekends or in the summer Continue Reading

Bard on the Beach – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In A Nutshell at Bard on the Beach

Bard on the Beach If you asked me a week ago if I was a Shakespeare fan or would enjoy his plays, I wouldn't know what to say. My memories of Shakespeare were being forced to study it in school and this did not instill a love for it. However, I did hear positive things about Bard on the Beach, which is one of Canada's largest not-for-profit, Shakespeare Festivals that happens every summer in Vancouver. When the opportunity came up to go to A Midsummer Night's Dream on a Friday night, I decided to forgo my school memories of Shakespeare and attend. It was a decision that I wouldn't regret. I didn't know Shakespeare could be so funny and easy to follow. Bard on the Beach happens at Vanier Park (1695 Whyte Ave), which is right by False Creek in Vancouver. Instead of taking place in an air-conditioned theatre, you get to enjoy the show in an open ended tent, with views of the mountains, water and the setting sun during the evening shows. You can enjoy the outdoors before the show Continue Reading

A night at the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Game

Vancouver Canadians

True or False: A baseball game that is tied after three extra innings is decided by a coin toss. The answer is false, however that didn't stop a fellow YVR Blogger trying to trick me at the Vancouver Canadians baseball game a couple of days ago. It goes to show that I know nothing about baseball. I haven't been to a baseball game since I was a child in Toronto and the extent of my knowledge is from the Take Me Out to the Ball Game song, "For its one, two, three strikes, you're out, at the old ball game." When the opportunity came up to check out a Vancouver Canadians game, I jumped in. A fun night out with a bunch of bloggers, an outdoor stadium and a chance to cheer on the local team, why not! I had never been to a Canadians game and I love discovering new things to do in Vancouver. We got to meet our fellow bloggers before the game and catch up outside of the stadium before grabbing our tickets and arriving at the stadium as the Canadian national anthem was being sung. There is Continue Reading

Kayaking Vancouver with Lotus Land Tours

Kayaking in Vancouver

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing." As the rain poured down on us, this famous saying resonated with me.  I could see the sunshine far off in a distance and it was moving closer to us. Thankfully, I was prepared for the rainy weather in my Gore-Tex rain jacket and borrowed rain pants and hat from my guide. On Father’s Day weekend, kayaking Indian Arm in British Columbia was on my agenda. As I got ready at home, my excitement was building and I couldn't wait to explore. I usually go kayaking with my experienced friend, however this weekend, I decided to try something new and go with Lotus Land Tours. It's a decision that I wouldn't regret. I was picked up from my house before we headed downtown to pick up the other participants. We crossed over the Lions Gate Bridge into North Vancouver, admiring the views of the water and forest as we drove. As we drove on the narrow roads, we even spotted a waterfall. Our guide, Peter, explained to us the history Continue Reading

Review: Fjällräven Kanken


The search for a perfect bag for everyday use seemed to be an ongoing battle for me. I've tried numerous bags but none of them met all my needs and wants. There was always at least one thing I wasn’t happy with or the bags would not stand up to everyday wear and tear. Simplicity and storage is a key requirement for me. I need a pack that is large enough to carry my laptop, basic camera gear, extra clothing and snacks for the day. I wanted a bag that was tough and that would put up with the abuse that I generally give my bags. Luckily, I recently found one that meets all of my standards. Last month, I picked up the Fjällräven Kanken bag from their first Canadian store in Vancouver, BC. The company was started over 50 years ago, in Sweden. They excel at producing gear for the outdoors to the city. Their logo is an arctic fox and they are helping these endangered animals survive. An interesting fact, Fjällräven also means arctic fox in Swedish. Outside of producing gear for the Continue Reading