Stormy day at the Giant Causeway

When I was planning my trip to Ireland, the Giant Causeway was one of the places I was really looking forward to visiting.

The legend of the Causeway is:

 It was once supposed that the Causeway was the handiwork of giant, Finn McCool, who had attempted to build a bridge linking Ireland to Scotland. The landscape became so imbued with the spirit of this myth that it gave rise to the name- Giant’s Causeway. National Trust .

The scientific version is that the hexagonal columns were formed when the volcanic eruptions hit the cold, Atlantic ocean. It was a landscape that I wanted to view and experience in person after viewing image after image on-line.

Giant Causeway

On the day of our visit my sister and I woke up to heavy rain and winds. I was concerned as we were taking a day tour to the Antrim coast and this wasn’t the best weather for it. However, this was the only day we could go, we didn’t want to miss it so we went for it.

As the tour took us along the Causeway route, the storm wouldn’t let up and we found out that the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was closed due to the rain and wind. I was disappointed but at least we would get to see the Causeway. I envisioned time to explore, relax by the water and just admire the unique landscape. In reality, the rain was coming down hard, my umbrella broke and I was trying to snap some photos without damaging my camera. We ended up walking around for about fifteen minutes, exploring, taking in the formations and we got soaked so we decided to head up to the restaurant. Once inside, we found a seat, warmed up, ordered fries and an alcoholic hot chocolate.

One of my memorable moments was when we were warming up and eating. A couple was hanging out by the fire, seeing us drenched they asked if it was worth it to go down. We helped convince them to go down and see the Giant Causeway for themselves despite the weather. After some more conversation, the couple had ventured out to view the Causeway. They had just enough time to have a quick view before we had to head back to Belfast. We caught up with them afterwards and they were happy they went to see it.

You can’t control the weather and sometimes you just have to go for it. I’m glad that I got to spend some time at Giant Causeway, despite the weather. I want to go back to Northern Ireland and explore it in-depth. I’m hoping for at least a couple of weeks to drive around Northern Ireland. Hopefully I will be able to explore the coast in the sun and the bars and restaurants when it is raining.

If you have the chance to go, hopefully you will have better weather then me.

Causeway Hexagonal ColumnsHexagonal Columns at the CausewayCauseway hillCauseway Hexagonal Columns

2 thoughts on “Stormy day at the Giant Causeway

  1. I had a similar adventure at the Giant Causeway when I was living in Ireland as a teenager. I was on a school trip and we found ourselves drenched, but happy that we experienced the magic of the place. It is something I would recommend and look forward to seeing again!

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