Snowshoeing at Mount Seymour

My friend gave me a belated birthday gift of snowshoeing at one of the local mountains, Mount Seymour and today, we got to take advantage of it. It was fun day on the mountain and I’ve really enjoyed the couple of times I’ve been snowshoeing. There is something about exploring places you haven’t been and being able to travel in the snow when you would usually fall in or slide down that makes it fun and exciting. Plus, you get a good workout.

Mount Seymour

As part of my gift, we did the Discovery Snowshoe Guided Tour. It was a bit chaotic before we met our guide due to lots of people hanging around but it all got sorted. Once we got started with our guide, it went smoothly and was enjoyable. He made sure we were all comfortable with the pace, pointed out different wildlife tracks such as squirrels, snowshoe hare and different birds, facts about the trees and mountains and emergency supplies to bring while hiking/snowshoeing. I’m not sure how big most groups are but besides my friend and I, two others joined us. We were able to ask him any questions we had and stop for multiple photos or when one of us needed to catch our breath.

Mount Seymour has local trails you could easily explore on your own but for my first time here, I was glad I was with a tour. We learned things about the local mountain that we wouldn’t have if we were by ourselves. For a beginner, it was great plus they give you some apple cider at the end. It also gave me the confidence to explore their trails on my own even if I’m not ready for back country, yet.

Being able to drive to snow, or take the shuttle like we did, is a treat. You forget that we have a snowy winter just a short trip from Vancouver and a winter playground to explore. I’m really starting to enjoy snowshoeing and it’s a great way to see a bit more of my home and other places I visit.

Frozen Goldie LakeMount SeymourMount Seymour

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